Thursday, May 31, 2012


1. writing warm up: What comes to mind when you see this picture? Please "free write" for five minutes based on this image or anything else that you have on your mind. The goal is to not stop typing. This is a great writing warm up. Go!

2. What are five types of connections that you can make online? In partners please tweet me your answers:
i.e. You can connect your _____________ with your ______________.

You can connect your friends with your personal updates.

You can connect songs with their lyrics.

connect your blog with your twitter account Connect your blog with videos, pictures, press articles, audio file ...

3. Please write a three "paragraph" post about some website or blog that is connected to your main interest. In the first paragraph write about how the website/blog looks visually (i.e. How atttractive are the images? Are there any videos? etc), then in the next paragraph write about the content (How often is new information posted? How long are the posts? What's a new word you've learned from the site?), and finally write about the overall connectivity of the site (i.e. How many links are there on the site? What do they link to? How useful are the links?)

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