Monday, June 4, 2012

Tuesday week three

A- five minute warm up - write about an experience that's related to your blog: You might write about the first time that you did something, the most difficult time you encountered your subject of interest or perhaps a time you helped someone else appreciate your topic.

B- swap your story with a classmate and write down three questions that the piece of writing leaves you with (5Ws)

C- After you get the three questions from your classmate, rewrite your story with the answers.

D - General Questions that Can Be Answered at the End of a Narrative:

Why was your experience significant? What aspects of your interest were highlighted by your experience? (i.e. Going to a Canuck's game helped me understand hockey better in three main ways. First of all... Secondly... Finally.... ) How did it change your understudying of your interest? (to broaden your appreciation of sth, to deepen your understanding of sth or to help you understand sth better)

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